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When you register with C&K to commence your property search for a new home, we will assign you to a dedicated sales negotiator within our team

Your dedicated agent will listen to your requirements for your new home, register all of your contact details, and keep you informed of any properties they think will be suitable for you. Above all they will form a working relationship with you during your search process to really get a feel for what does or doesn’t appeal to you.

The sooner we can find your perfect property, the happier you will be!

We provide an overview of the buying process for you, to ensure that both first time purchasers, or people who haven’t moved home for many years, are aware of the sequence of events which will happen and to ensure you are flily prepared in order to prevent any unnecessary delays.

The Buying Process:

  1. Speak with an independent financial advisor to determine affordability
  2. Register as an applicant with C&K
  3. Set a budget, define type of property, minimum number of bedrooms, and preferred areas
  4. Instruct a conveyancer to ensure you are sale ready once you find a property
  5. Book viewings of any suitable properties
  6. Submit offer on property you have selected
  7. Produce two forms of ID to agent, mortgage agreement in principle, or proof of cash, and conveyancer details
  8. If offer is accepted, pay initial funds to conveyancer
  9. Our in house sales progressor will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure everything is running smoothly and to assist with any problems/queries
  10. Once searches have returned, enquiries have all been answered and mortgage offer is received, the date is set for legal exchange of contracts.
  11. Mortgage funds are requested from lender (allow up to 7 working days)
  12. Mortgage funds received
  13. Official completion is declared

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